Devious" Diesel is a devious diesel shunter and he is a leader of the Diesel Team. He is a major antagonist in Thomas the Tank Engine. His design is based on the BR Class 08. 185px-DayoftheDieselsTrailer6 Diesel with his diesel friends Arry and Bert on Day of the Diesel Neara pevensieAdded by Neara pevensie Unlike many of the show's designated "antagonists", who were merely rude or bullying, Diesel was very much like a more traditional antagonist and was always thinking up ways to cause trouble for Thomas and his friends. Diesel likes to play tricks on "steamies" (normal trains), which he hates and wants to become obsolete. He likes to talk to the Troublesome Trucks and tell them to do bad things. Diesel Diesel in "Pop Goes the Diesel" ThomasandFriendsLoverAdded by ThomasandFriendsLover 185px-Diesel'sSpecialDelivery37 Diesel in a sad mood Neara pevensieAdded by Neara pevensie 185px-ThomasandtheBillboard23 Diesel was cross Neara pevensieAdded by Neara pevensie Bio: When Diesel first arrived, he was "on trial" and Duck had to show him around the island. Diesel told Duck that diesels were revolutionary. Later that day, Diesel tried to pull some trucks out of a siding but was soon made of a laughing stock by the trucks. Furious with Duck, Diesel began spreading mean-spirited rumors and partially succeeded but was soon found out and sent away. Follow-up: Diesel returned sometime later to help Duck and Percy in the harbor but all he did was bully the two small engines and caused problems for the railway. He shunted some truck into the sea and was sent away again. Diesel returned as a last resort when Henry had an accident with some troublesome trucks. He tried to pull a long line of trucks from a siding only to snap the coupling and fly off into a barge. Sir Topham Hatt was furious and sent him away yet again. Diesel returned to help Fergus at the cement works and told him that Sir Topham Hatt wanted him to work at the smelters yard. Diesel's plan did work but was not sent back this time round. Since then, it has been presumed that Diesel has become a permanent resident of the Sodor railway. Diesel has also been given more duties at the quarry. Diesel pushed Thomas under a hopper but then broke down when he took on some bad fuel. He told Gordon that he would be scrapped and shunted Thomas' paint cars which caused a huge fight to break out on the railway. However Diesel proved to have good in him when he ended up working with the steam engines, offered to help the steam engines with their loads and told Thomas he was a really useful engine after receiving some new fuel. It has been proven that Diesel has good within him but one would still have to look deep to find it

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