Dr. Beeching is the killer of British Railways in the YouTube Thomas the Tank Engine parody Halloween special, The Nightmare Journey, by cactus190706 from the YouTube. Dr. Beeching overhearing Spencer saying steam engines forever to Murdoch. He came to see Spencer and Silverlink what is going on. Silverlink scolds Dr. Beeching not to speak to him like and also scolds him not to make him sick. Dr. Beeching couldn't understand what Silverlink tells him that. Silverlink crossly scolds Dr. Beeching that he's picked up to the steelworks and had no experience in the railway. He demands Dr. Beeching if he had a remorse. Dr. Beeching tells Silverlink that he doesn't have a remorse, because he had a power and it felt great to think he will be able to close the all the lines and send Silverlink and Spencer to the scrapyard. Spencer interrupts Dr. Beeching that he is a pathetic peiece of dirt. Dr. Beeching tells Spencer that his beeching ax didn't harm him and he told him that he got a job to work for the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. This made Spencer very cross! He scolds Dr. Beeching not to stop him, Silverlink and Murdoch after the two engines rescue him. Murdoch asks Spencer where the monsters were after they kidnapped him. Dr. Beeching tells Murdoch that they are the banshees. He doesn't need them anymore after they gone away. Dr. Beeching laughs evilly when he's ready to turn into a scary monster engine and at last he did. The scary monster engine is called the Dream Chopper after Dr. Beeching turns into him. Spencer, Silverlink and Murdoch gasp and shocked! The Dream Chopper had his beeching ax and he had to disappear this place. Spencer, Silverlink and Murdoch all ran away as fast as they could and the Dream Chopper chased after them and he disappears some places. Silverlink appeared in front of Murdoch and as the Dream Chopper passed by Silverlink, the place disappeared and Silverlink is never seen again, but not Spencer and Murdoch, because the two engines escaped the beeching ax and Murdoch and Spencer are finally on the Sodor.  Back at the Nightmare Rellem, Dr. Beeching gets very cross after Murdoch and Spencer escaped the beeching ax. He suddely heard Quan Kaah appeared as a ghost. He told Dr. Beeching to make him alive because he already killed by the Guard of Steam and Oil and Proteus.

Dr.Beeching is able to enter the underworld and searches for Quan Kaah, during his search he came across terrifying monsters from the underworld which he axed with the beeching axe he then turns into his dream chopper form and he finally comes across Quan Kaah,

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