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Dr. Zebra Section
Background information
Feature films The Secret Education of Rainbow Golden
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Scarlett Ingrid Johansson
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Dr. Zebra Section
Other names Crystal
Personality supernaturad, psychopath, womankind
Appearance Black eyed, Yellow Hair, Red Polo, Red Pants, Black Shoes
Occupation Psychopath

Criminal Mastermind

Goal Kill True and Princess Grizelda to control his Bartleby and Dennis to chases his Bela
Home Rainbow City

Daniel City (formerly)
Section's House (formerly)

Pets Section's Dog
Allies True (formerly), Princess Grizelda (formerly), Bartleby (formerly), Zee (formerly)
Enemies True, Princess Grizelda, Bartleby, Zee, The Cat in the Hat, Bela, Joan Walden, Sally Walden, Conrad Walden, Dennis, Arthur Prodnose, Dennis' Man
Likes Princess Grizelda to piece of Cake
Dislikes True is power anyone to Bartleby
Powers and abilities Strength, Speed, Endurace, Various hi-tech sorceress and gadget such as:, Cunning, Spearsmanship, Rocket boots, Via Cameras (Dennis gets fang gloves), Pocket Poops, Void, Flight
Weapons Spears
Fate Week True and his family
Quote "She sent us to find you, great king. We've come to escort you across the river. Once we cross it, we'll take refuge in the wilderness."

Dr. Zebra Section is the main antagonist of The Secret Education of Rainbow Golden. She is the Frookie's playing his robot and True's arch-nemesis.

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