George is a secondary villain in Thomas the Tank Engine and he is grumpy steamroller whose interactions with engines generally lead to trouble. Personality George hates railroad locomotives! He is unfriendly to all engines, even those who try to be pleasant towards him. He generally utters variations of the phrase "Railways are no good. Pull them up. Turn them into roads". His unpleasant attitude frequently creates chaos. Basis George is based on an Aveling and Porter steamroller owned by the Reverend Teddy Boston, who also owned the traction engine on which Trevor is believed to be based. Buster shares the same prototype. Role Once, on Lady Hatt's birthday, the Fat Controller was running late. His car had broken down, and when he was offered a ride by Caroline, she overheated. George pulled up alongside them and called Caroline "a disgrace to the roads". George's driver, who was fairly even-tempered, offered the Fat Controller a ride, but George lost control and veered into a pool of mud. George later worked at an excavation site with Skarloey and Rheneas, and made rude remarks despite their assertion that their stone would be used to pave George's roads. George was still rude while Percy carried him on a flatbed to his new work site. George was later creating a road on an old railway line, but was intentionally careless when he paved the road over a level crossing, later causing Thomas to become derailed and crash. Finally, George refused to allow Duck to pass him at the yard. As a result, a truck from his train was still on the main line. When the express came through, Gordon collided with the truck, smashing it. The Fat Controller was furious with these recent disturbances, and punished George by taking him off of the roads for a week. For a long time afterwards, George had little actual contact with the engines. On one occasion, Thomas retrieved him to repair the runway of the new airport at the last minute. In the ninth season and tenth seasons, he can be seen working at McColl Farm.

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