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The nine evil giants in the story

  • The Fleshlumpeater
  • The Bonecruncher
  • The Manhugger
  • The Childchewer
  • The Meatdripper
  • The Gizzardgulper
  • The Maidmuncher
  • The Bloodbottler
  • The Butcher Boy
Most of the evil giants are only mentioned by name; some are given a larger role, such as Fleshlumpeater, who is the nastiest of them all (and therefore something of a leader), and Bloodbottler, who invades the BFG's cave early in the story. The BFG later narrates the hunting methods of Childchewer, Gizzardgulper, and Meatdripper. It is also remarked that each giant has his favorite hunting ground, though they vary at times. Because every ethnicity of humans is said to taste different from the others, the giants have certain preferences, although all detest Greece as a hunting ground. This is because the flavors supposedly reflect the names and/or principal exports of the native land: therefore, Greeks taste greasy; Danes taste like dogs (Labradors - those from Labrador taste like Great Danes), and Swedes taste sweet and sour; people from Wales taste of fish (because the name sounds like that of "whales"); etc.

Bloodbottler and Fleshlumpeater