What the deuce?
~ T.J's famous catchphrase.
~ T.J
Patient? I am the most patient Human Being in Africa !!!
~ T.J

Tumberiakere Masimba Utete (born 19th December 2000), in South Africa Zimbabwe, changed his name to T.J when he was transported to the Untied States of America.

He was originally a antagonist and was originally a stereotypical mad serial killer who wanted to kill all the chimpanzees, rule the world and blow up the entire country of England.

T.J died in England on the 21st December 2012 when he attempted to kill the Duke Of Edinburgh & Queen Elizabeth ll which resulted in him falling off a cliff.

Appearance Edit

T.J is a little African boy with black skin, blue eyes & black hair. His eyes also have black eyeing’s around them giving him a sinister appearance. His distinguishable trait is the long scar on his left eye.

Personality Edit

T.J is a evil genius; calculating, selfish, ruthless, power-hungry, cruel, maniacal, cold, sinister, capable & insane. Since his brain is no bigger than a cashew nut. This makes him uncannily intelligent & smart & prides himself as “the smartest person in the world”. He is shown to be very deranged & irrational, given his appearance.T.J is shown to be a master escape artist when he was able to escape the mental asylum which he was confined in. He speaks with a soft, but sinister tone. But when upset or agitated, T.J will curse and shout in African. He is specifically impatient and temperamental with people & is shown to have a disagreement in many things.

T.J is cold hearted & to a fault. When it comes to getting what he wants and no matter who are in his way he will not hesitate to remove them. He is very abusive, defamatory, argumentative & opprobrious towards people, animals & possibly also his friends & family however he does show some love & affection towards them. T.J rarely shows any emotion other than disgust or anger. It is fairly safe to say that he is also an acrimonious, obsessive, revengeful, psychopathic person based on his behaviour. Despite his diabolical & sinister nature T.J is very cunning & pragmatic to craft his public image. He is a very good talker & knows how to get himself out of a lot of situations. He manipulates situations for his own will and lulls people into a false sense of security implying – it’s like a fly being drawn into a spider “T.J loves having power over people”.

T.J is “not be messed with” and would practically go for anyone who tries give him or his family grief or harm, with no regard for the consequences as long as that person is severely punished implying  “T.J always gets the last laugh” and is shown to be very smart and ambitious when it comes to plotting justice or revenge. He likes to see himself as an individual, he hates people thinking they have power or control over him and doesn’t take crap from anyone. He is aware of his true capability and that could be terrifyingly dangerous because he could be capable of so much.    

Biography Edit

Spring 2011 Edit

Christmas 2011 Edit

Christmas 2012 Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Mind Control.
  • Charisma.
  • Brilliant chemist and machinist.
  • Genius levels of intelligence.
  • Escaped the Mental Asylum without getting attacked or killed.
  • Manged to masque-red as his brother for a year & half.

Villainous Acts Edit

  • Annoyed & taunted numerous people.
  • Ruined countless lives.
  • Made American Societies & World War 3 worse.
  • Made a plan to get Chimpanzee 10s brother brutally injured.
  • Brainwashed & threatened numerous people.
  • Mind Control attempts.
  • Attempted assault.
  • Kidnaps 5 prostitutes then brutally killed them all.
  • Brainwashed the Kardashians & Ariana Grande.
  • Came to England where he mentally & psychologically abused 10 girls & made them his servants.
  • Set fire to Langham Hotel in London were he killed 10 people including a visiting Chimpanzee family.
  • Planted bombs all around England & attempted to blow the whole country up.
  • Sent to a mental asylum to get executed for his crimes where killed his brother Noob & stole his identity.

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