Before The End.Edit

Tord Was One The Main Charcters Of Eddsworld. The Reason Tord Left Was Because Tord (The Actor) Got Ambushed By Fans So He Left. So At The Beginning Of 25th Under The Seat He Left.

The End Part 1Edit

So After Edd, Matt, And Tom Come Home After A Fishing Trip Tom Walks Down A Hallway He

Sees A Black Figure Trying To Break A Lock. Tom Gasps Then Edd Joins Him, But Matt Is Just Eating A Cookie. Then The Figure Reveals Himself To Be None Other Then Tord"Hello Old Friend."  Tord Then Bullies Tom A Bunch. Tom Then Threw The Couch Against The Wall Then It Broke! Tom Leaves, Tord's First Plan Has Succeed. Tord Asks The Gang If They Want To Watch "The Return Of The Insane Zombie  Pirates From Hell 4" Edd Asks: "Just Like Old Times?"  Tord Then Replies With: "Yes.... Just Like Old Times." ​​​​​​ Tord Then Grins As The Animation Slowly Turns Into Edd's Animation Has He Closes The Curtain.

The End Part 2Edit

Tord Sneaks Away From Edd And Matt To His Room, There Is A Painting Of Tord With Black Sharper On It. He Moves The Painting To See A Button, Then He Moves The Button Painting For A Lever That He Pulls. Then A Room Comes Out Of The Wall, There Is A Red Button In The Middle. "Yes, I Will Be Complete Again."  Then Edd Comes Into The Room, Tord Saids It Just A  Laundry Room Then Matt Comes In. They All Start Pressing Random Buttons. Then Matt Sees The Large Button, Tord Then Grabs Matt's Arm "NO!" And Then Punches Matt In The Face Almost Showing His Evil Side. Tord Realizing  He Almost Showed His Evil Side, Then He Asks Matt If Wants Ice Cream. Them He Asks Edd, Edd Comes But Is Still A Little  Suspicious About Tord Now. At The Store Tord Gets A "Call" And Picks Up A Banana As A Phone, Then Tord Says He Has To Go. Edd Asks If He Is Suspicious About Tord, But Matt Says He's On The Banana. Tom (After Getting His New House) Sees A WANTED Sign And Runs To Edd's House. Edd And Matt Follow Tom. Then Tom Sees Tord About To Press The Button. Tord Then Presses The Button For The Hat From Moving TargetsThen Tord Presses Another Red Button. Then Tord Goes Into A Giant Robot That Is Modeled After Him. Edd And Matt Come To The House, "I Thought We Were- I Thought We Were Friends!" Tord Then Blows Up Edd's House. Eduardo Then Comes Out And Then One Of Tord's Rocket Blows Up Their House Too! Then Edd And Matt See Tom's Body On The Ground, Then Tord's Robot Flys Away Then Eduardo Mourns The Death Of Jon! Not Tom, As Tord Is Flying Away The Robot Starts Punching Itself. Then We See That Matt Is Hitting The Buttons. Edd Asks: "May I Join In?" Tord Says: "No! He May Not Join In!" Then Little Arms Come Out The Robot's Head. Then   Tord Blows Up The Button Machine. Then Tord Flies Away,  "So Long Old Friends!"  Then Tom Comes Out Of The Rubble With His Harpoon Gun. Then He Shoots The Harpoon Gun At The Robot, The Harpoon Hit the Center Of The Robot And It Crashed. Then Paul And Patrick Come To Tord's Crash Site. Tord Has His Arm Bloody And Half Of His Face Torn Off,but 10 years later,tord marries tom and the two merge forever,the name of the love-driven merger tord and tom is torm,revealing that tord and tom Always loved each other too much,tord calls his beloved a beautiful devil and tom calls him a perverted kitten. 


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Tan (Old:
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Tord In The End.

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